SwiftKey Flow v4.0.1.128 Telefon/Tablet + SwiftKey X Beta

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SwiftKey Flow v4.0.1.128 Telefon/Tablet + SwiftKey X Beta

Postprzez Wojtek3-admin » Śr mar 20, 2013 19:17

SwiftKey to jedna z najlepszych klawiatur. W wersju Flow dodano opcję pisania bez odrywania palca (tak jak w Swype). Klawiatura łatwo "uczy" się słówek. Według mnie jest to najlepsza dostępna klawiatura dla androida.



Pomaganie sprawia mi przyjemność :D

Wszystkie poradniki, romy, modyfikacje wgrywasz na własną odpowiedzialność !!
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Re: SwiftKey Flow v4.0.1.128

Postprzez Wojtek3-admin » Wt mar 26, 2013 19:03

Wersja v4.0.1.128

What's new in SwiftKey 4.0.1 (published 26th March 2013)

Improved prediction quality
Fixed Stuck In Initial Caps
Fixed issue with question mark being unreachable
Fixed Flow trail problems on HTC One
Fixed problems with HTC One stock mail client
Fixed typing in HTC One Notes app and turned predictions back on in Jelly Bean
Fixed jumpy cursor in Samsung calculator
Fixed comma in Arabic
Swapped locations of Turkish "i"
Added French "guillemet" to secondary characters (<< and >>)
Made sure @ sign appears directly above A on longpress
Fixed Firefox crashes on devices running Android 2.2 and below
Fixed shift locking and combining characters on hard keyboard
Fixed a number of crashes in the installer
Fixed heatmap crash



SwiftKey dla Tabletów

What's in this version:
SwiftKey Flow: World’s most accurate gesture input, with next word prediction
Flow Through Space: Gesture multiple words without lifting a finger
Personalization: More thorough learning of your language and typing style
Better predictions: Enhanced language engine, predictions in more text fields
Easier corrections: Tap anywhere on a word to choose an alternative
60 languages: Now including Albanian, Bosnian, Javanese, Sundanese, Thai, Vietnamese



SwiftKey X Beta

SwiftKey X Beta jest to zupełnie nowy typ klawiatury, która jest jeszcze sprawniejsza, posiada wiele opcji personalizacji oraz więcej usprawnień.

- Next generation Fluency inference engine
- Personalization from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter
- Machine learning based adaptive interaction modelling framework
- Advanced language detection
- Redesigned installer process
- Redesigned settings menu
- SwiftKey shortcut launcher on keyboard
- New typing styles framework
- New robust text handling framework
- Keyboard theme framework
- Improved response times
- Improved battery usage
- Navigation keys
- New line key always available (via long press on smiley button)
- Redesigned Language Module download service
- Enhanced typo and spelling correction
- Select primary prediction on punctuation
- Improved email address entry
- Accented characters now populated dynamically
- Remove any word from predictions, not just learned words
- New dark theme
- Numerous bug fixes and general improvements


Pomaganie sprawia mi przyjemność :D

Wszystkie poradniki, romy, modyfikacje wgrywasz na własną odpowiedzialność !!
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Postprzez BaitteeusellA » So lip 27, 2013 07:03

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